Thursday, June 7, 2012


On such a beautiful day I thought I would take a simple walk in the park. Anticipating clearing my mind I briskly laced up my sneakers.
Coming up to the children’s swings after having walked halfway around, there was a pretty young woman pushing her baby on a swing. My first thought was, what is wrong with this picture? My kids are grown and I have a grandson I would love to be pushing in that swing. What is wrong with that woman?
Continuing my walk I suddenly stopped. Feeling disgusted for judging this woman I turned around and looked at her again.
On second thought, maybe she isn’t even the baby’s mother. If she is, maybe this is the only place she gets any free time. Maybe she’s trying to study to get a better job for her and her baby. Maybe she’s a single mom. There were lots of maybes, lots of possibilities.
Learning my lesson not to judge people was being put to the test today. Immediately failing but ultimately passing.
Being at the park, pushing her baby in a swing, while reading her Kindle, was not for me to judge.
A simple walk in the park.



  1. Ah, insight is a wonderful thing. Nice little short. Good job.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! How funny timing is, as I'm reading 'Destinies' right now. 34% into your book on my Kindle. On my couch vs. the park! :)

  3. OH my stars, what a surprise. Thanks so much. Hope if you enjoy that you'll leave a review comment on Amazon. xoox/Karleene

    1. I am enjoying it! :):) I will of course write a review in all my postings!