Monday, August 20, 2012

My reply from the Olympic Committee

Thank you for your email.  Interesting idea J  The International Olympic Committee charter is related to “physical activities/sports” only – but maybe someday another organization (like the Mensa group) will create a competition like you describe.  You never know!  
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Erica Hutchinson
Associate Director Visitor Center and Community Relations
United States Olympic Committee
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olympics for the Minds

What if we trained young minds for an Olympics?  Every four years, individuals and teams would study educational disciplines to compete for gold medals.

Young men and women would choose a subject to tax the muscles of their brains. If practice, consistency, hard work, dedication, and determination to be an Olympic champion for sports, are what it takes to win gold, the same could be applied for the academic world.

Doctors communicate to the public that our physical bodies are as important as our mental health. Why don’t we follow this advice and have an Olympics for the minds equal to an Olympics for the body?

With an audience of over three billion viewing the Olympics today, imagine that same number of people learning and absorbing academic knowledge, from watching an Olympics for the Minds.

Repetition is a learning tool. Viewers would no doubt be absorbing facts from two weeks of competition, while having a good time. Information would be engrained in brains just like it is when we watch the Olympics today. Tuning in to an unfamiliar sport, we’ve all said, “I never knew that!”

It’s an incentive for test scores to improve, for the general public to learn basic skills for the first time, or a refresher course. And there would be no 14 billion dollar cost for a city to host the games. There’s just no downside to it.

If our Olympic Champions are role models today, again, imagine what a role model an Olympic Champion for the Minds would be for our youth. We could hear things such as, “I want to be a geologist, an author, a biologist, an engineer . . .”

Tuning in to a different subject, we would say, “I never knew that!” with an Olympics for the Minds.