Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The New Guy


“That will be $12.13 please”, I asked. “One moment young man,” replied the elderly woman. I waited way too long for an eighty – seven cent tip.

I threw the change in the pizza bag and wondered how I will pay my new car payments let alone an apartment, at this rate. I was thinking how proud my parents are with my newly established credit.

“Hey Lee, there was a phone call for you”, chuckled the cook, “and she sounded serious, did you forget you had a date?” He handed me a ripped paper with the phone number. “Cool, it’s the Account Temp Service!” Off the clock, I left to return the call.

“There is a job for you, take down this number and be at the Golden Slipper, Suite 219 at 8 am tomorrow”, said the receptionist. “Thank you,” I said.
Gravitating towards my closet I dialed mom and dad. “Oh Lee, that sounds so hopeful, a casino” said mom. “Is your shirt ironed, your pants, you have nice shoes right?” cried mom. “Yeah, I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet!” I laughed. I heard mom let out a nervous giggle while she said, “get a good night sleep and call us tomorrow.” “OK, love you mom.”

I arrived fifteen minutes early to navigate the casino. I took the escalator to the second floor to locate Suite 219. Resume in hand.

I was immediately welcomed then rushed to a cubicle with a pile of folders and asked to audit the numbers. That was it! I was on my own. At 5:00 I was asked to come back tomorrow. This continued for two weeks.

On the second Friday, I was asked if I wanted a permanent position with the casino! I accepted and was told to report to Human Resources on Monday. Car payment and rent paid.

There was a change in the office atmosphere three weeks later. Being the new guy, I didn’t ask. I was enlightened soon enough. On the following Friday I felt a weight on my shoulder. I turned to see whose heavy hand it was. One of the four men from the Executive Offices introduced himself and proceeded to compliment me on the great job I was doing. I was asked questions about my auditing skills. He seemed pleased. I felt proud.

A fellow worker in the cubicle next to me said, “It always gets uptight in here when an executive graces us with his presence.” He continued, “I heard you were his main interest, even digging into your background.” In the months that followed, I was given more numbers to audit followed by a visit from the same executive.

With all going so well, why am I sitting in front of my parent’s house, in a taxi, trying to find the strength to tell them that, according to the law, I had just committed my first crime, that I was innocent; I had posted bail, and might be going away for a long time for an embezzling scam at the Golden Slipper?

No car, no apartment, and good credit are the least of my problems. Dad hugged me longer than expected. I heard mom on the phone; “Russell, thank god you are not in court, your nephew needs you.”

“That will be $15.15 please,” I asked. “One moment Sir,” replied the elderly woman. I waited way too long for an eighty – five cent tip.



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