Sunday, June 2, 2013


“Beautiful day to be on the lake,” Barbara said to her handsome friends.

“Sure is baby,” Russ said, as he reached for her hand.

“Can’t miss his boat, lime green and all,” Gary said, as he pointed across the lake.

“Bastard,” Barbara muttered. “It’s not fair he should be able to have fun, he should be crippled and suffering.”

“That can be arranged, baby,” Russ said, reaching for his FBI badge from the glove box. “Just say the word.”

“Looks like he’s stopping at the rest island, what do you say, Barb?” Gary asked egging her on. “I’m feeling it,” as he grabbed for his badge and gun.

“Have to admit - looks perfect, his is the only boat there,” Russ said, looking at Barbara for the go ahead.

“Let’s do it,” she said.

“Cripple or death?” he asked.

“Death is too easy.”

Russ shut the engine off and coasted into a space on the island. Gary jumped out making sure he didn’t create a splash. Reaching for Barbara’s hand, he said, “Go ahead - say your last words to your ex.”

“I only need five minutes,” she said, opening up her pocketbook.

Walking to the restroom memories flooded her mind. We used to have fun. How could he change so drastically overnight? How could he abandon his kids? How could he fight child support? He couldn’t even show up for his own son’s funeral. He deserves this, he deserves to suffer.

Opening the door Barbara found her ex standing over a sink washing his hands. He looked up in the mirror and not bothering to turn around he said, “Going to poop?”

“Aren’t you funny? I want to show you a picture of your grandson. He has your hair, wild and crazy.” She unfolded a picture and held it up for him to see.

Before he could reply with one of his lame remarks, Russ kicked in the door. “Do you want to watch, baby?”

“No.” Walking towards the door and glancing at her grandson’s picture, she turned around, “On second thought.”

Russ threw Barbara’s ex up against the plexiglas partition.

“Barb, stand by the door, we have work to do,” Gary said.

“With pleasure.”

What followed was the beating of his life. At one point he looked like Jesus Christ being persecuted as he was thrown onto the plexiglas, spread eagle, with bruises and blood splattered all over his face.

As he stuck to the glass his eyes pleaded with mine. His nic name of Christ seems to fit at this particular moment.

“Say good-bye to your legs,” Russ said, as Barbara’s ex fell to his knees.

Picking the scum bag back up, “Would you like the pleasure, Gary?” he asked.

The horrifying sound of human bones being broken is something Barbara will never forget. Never.

Russ and Gary cleaned themselves up before the three of them left the restroom.

“Beautiful day to be on the lake,” Barbara said to her handsome friends.

Opening her eyes with a racing pulse, it’s true what they say about revenge, even 33 years later.